To deliver a unique & memorable guest experience within a Covid-safe environment. We strive to provide excellent accommodation, food and service to our guests, just as we did before COVID-19 was even heard of. However, in line with current Government Guidelines, measures such as those below will be in place in our Hotel. 

We hope you appreciate the effort which is put into all of the extra processes to keep everyone safe. Products used are more expensive, and longer, deep cleaning methods take more time. We take the risks very seriously, but feedback tells us that the majority of our guests feel reassured by this, and can enjoy a more relaxed stay because of it.


COVID-19 is a public health emergency. To quote Boris Johnson on 12th July 2021, ‘This Pandemic is not over’. 

As accommodation, food and drink providers, we acknowledge our responsibility to assess and manage the risks of COVID-19. In particular we need to consider the risks to our workers, visitors and guests. As an employer, we also have a legal responsibility to protect workers and others from risk to their health and safety. This means we need to think about the risks they face and do everything reasonably practicable to minimise them, recognising we cannot completely eliminate the risk of COVID-19.  We call this a Risk Assessment, and the outcome of this assessment has informed this policy. The Government guidelines on how to do this are constantly being changed, and whilst on 19th July it was announced that some measures are no longer law, we are also advised to make our own assessment for our own business. 

Our risk assessment, this policy and associated procedures have been inspected and approved by Visit England and we have been awarded the ‘Good To Go’ kite mark.  Therefore, this document is under constant review and may change from time to time, it currently covers – 

1. What to expect as a team member
2. What to expect as a hotel guest
3. What happens if you become unwell during your stay

  • Temperature checks will be taken daily before commencing their shifts, records will be kept of all temperature checks
  • All team members will be required to complete a short health questionnaire before commencing each shift
  • All team members will be encouraged to socially distance at 2 metres, or 1 meter with a face mask. This is to ensure they are working in a safer working environment
  • All team members will be required to use antiviral gel on their hands when they enter the building, then wash their hands for 20 seconds in hot running soapy water (or use hand sanitiser) when they start work, and again frequently throughout their shift
  • All team members will be required to wear face masks while in communal areas and PPE as appropriate for individual tasks
  • All team members will be required to stay at home if unwell
  • All team members will be required to follow official guidance on self-isolating as required
  • All team members are required to complete COVID-19 training

Before Arrival –
  • You will be sent an email a few days prior to arrival, containing an up to date copy of the COVID-19 policy.  It is the responsibility of the lead booker to make sure that all members of their party have read and understood this policy.
  • It will be assumed that you have all read and accept the measures in place for the protection of all guests, visitors and team members. Please raise any questions or queries before check-in.
  • Most information normally given to you at check-in will be sent to you by email a few days before arrival. In addition, Peter will contact you to agree an arrival slot , this avoids too many guests arriving at the same time. If something happens and you are unable to get here on time, please call us to let us know, we may need to organise another slot with you. We are sorry if this inconveniences you.
  • The hotel operates a ‘Bookings only’ policy to allow for these COVID safe procedures to be followed. No last minute bookings are accepted.
  • In the unfortunate case that you have displayed, or been in contact with anyone with COVID-19 symptoms, up to 10 days prior to arrival such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, or loss of taste and smell, we ask that you contact us asap, you are not permitted to travel or stay with us. If you need to cancel your stay due to COVID-19 or any other illness, please refer to our Terms & Conditions, we are happy to provide the necessary paperwork to support your insurance claim.
  • If the government imposes a national or local lockdown which stops you from travelling to us, or staying with us, then we will rearrange your booking for new dates within a 12 month period. Depending on seasons, this may occur an additional charge.
On arrival – 
  • Please do not try to check-in prior to your booked ‘slot’, as this may compromise the safe check-in of yourself or another guest. If you are travelling to Paignton on public transport and need to drop off your bags, please arrange this with us in advance. 
  • Furthermore, there is no communal cloakroom in the Hotel, and you will be unable to access the toilet in your room until after you have checked in. Please note, if you are caught short, there are public toilets in the middle of Preston Green (you pass these as you enter Marine Parade) they look like a row of beach huts and require contactless payment. Please don’t think that we are being unwelcoming, this is really not our usual relaxed style!
  • Please ring the doorbell, in order to keep our guests safe this door is kept locked. We will quickly answer the door and will still meet and greet you, maintaining social distance obviously, but can no longer shake hands with you, sorry. You will be given a key fob to use during your stay, so you won’t need to use the doorbell again after you’ve checked in.
  • Please use your smart phone to scan the poster with the NHS Track and Trace App. Government Guidelines advise you to do this every day during your stay.
  • Whilst the use of face masks is no longer a legal requirement, it is still recommended as part of current Government Guidelines which state that they should still be worn in ‘all indoor venues where you will be mixing with people you don’t usually mix with’. Therefore, we have made a decision not to remove this requirement from our COVID Policy, we believe this is the right decision to keep our guests and team members safe. You will be asked to wear a mask and sanitise your hands as you enter (you’ll be able to take your mask off when you sit down for your welcome chat, or eating and drinking).  You’ll need to put it back on as you move around the building.
  • As this is also our home, and Ruth has additional health needs, there are no exemptions to wearing a mask. If this is a problem for you or one of your party, then it’s probably best that you don’t book with us, there are a few hospitality providers who have decided not to enforce this rule. At the time of writing this version of the COVID policy, cases are increasing, and we must protect ourselves, our staff and our business, as well as our other guests. This is not a decision we have taken lightly, but one we feel is necessary.
  • You will also be asked to complete a  short health questionnaire on arrival, and have your temperature taken with a non-contact forehead thermometer. If you have a temperature of 38 degrees or higher you will be asked to go outside or sit in your car for 15 minutes before being checked again. If your temperature is still high you will not be able to check-in.
  • Valid card details will be required on arrival for any extras to be charged prior to departure accordingly. Receipts will be emailed to you.
  • We are still happy to carry your bags to your room if you need us to.
During your stay – 
  • Hand sanitisers are available in all public areas. Face coverings  are required in all communal areas, ie outside of your guest room, although can be removed when seated to eat or drink.
  • Whilst social distancing is no longer a legal requirement, please respect the personal space of other guests and staff when moving around the building. We have placed tables and chairs apart from each other, so please be mindful of this is you are moving furniture.
  • We would request that you sanitise or wash your hands each time you enter and leave your bedroom, and again when entering the dining room. We do not support the use of gloves by guests, as these have been proven to spread the virus when not used correctly.  All communal and high touch areas will be cleaned at least twice daily.
  • On a daily basis, the government requests that you use your smart phone to ‘check-in’ to the building on your NHS Track and Trace App, there is a QR poster on the back of the front door.
  • Please do not allow visitors into the Hotel, or other guests into your room.
  • Due to the COVID-19 restrictions currently in place, some of our activities, services and facilities are unfortunately limited or not available, and some of the home comforts such as cushions and spare blankets  may have been removed from rooms, and leaflets etc from the lounge temporarily. If there is anything you need please ask one of us.  We reserve the right to restrict or limit service further if we feel that they pose an additional risk to its customers, the business and/or its team, or if the Government change their advice or guidelines.
  • Your rooms will only be serviced when they are empty, if you are still in your room when the housekeeper calls she will try to come back before the end of her shift. If you need any items because your room was missed, please let us know
  • We would ask that you open the small window in your room when you go out or depart, to help keep the room ventilated, for the safety of our housekeepers
  • We have an environmental policy which supports the re-use of your room towels as many times as you feel comfortable with, but if you prefer for these to be changed, please place them in the red laundry bag provided, seal and leave in the bottom of your shower. Please follow the same procedure when checking out.
  • Please use your room bin to get rid of your disposable masks, and tie up the plastic liner ready for it to be replaced.
  • We have decided to continue with our staggered breakfast times, Peter will ask you about your preferences on check-in, but we do ask you to be understanding as he has everyone’s preferences to balance.
  • We have also decided to continue the use of ‘breakfast forms’ to pre-order hot breakfast items, they have been very well received and work well. It also helps us avoid waste, and as we only use local meat and free range eggs, it’s especially important to us not to waste these. 
  • With regards to our famous breakfast buffet, Peter will still take your orders for all cold items at the table each morning.
Departure – 
  • To minimise queuing or delay in the morning of your departure, please find Peter the night before your departure to settle your extras account, if this is not possible we will charge the card we have on file for you.
  • If you require help from your room with your luggage just let us know the night before, it will be done in a socially distanced way either before or after breakfast.
General – 
  • All rooms have a strict cleaning and sanitising programme in place upon every guests’ departure, including curtains, carpets, beds, duvets and pillows. Any unused hospitality items will be disposed of or quarantined. 
  • All cleaning products and protocols used are designed to minimise the risk and spread of COVID-19 as well as other viral and bacterial infections.
  • All bedlinen is laundered by a professional company, using bacterial and viricidal products, they have strict risk assessments in place to avoid cross contamination and spread of infection.
  • All towels are laundered in house on a 90-degree wash. There are processes in place to avoid cross contamination between clean and soiled towels.
  • Any rooms where a guest with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 has been staying will be left vacant for a minimum of 72 hours before strict deep cleaning procedures are followed.
  • If the fire alarm sounds while you are here, follow the guidelines on the back of your guest room door, but please remember to maintain social distancing while you evacuate and wait at the muster point

Please familiarise yourself with the current list of symptoms on the World Health Organisation or NHS websites or App.

Whilst we really hope that this will not happen, if you unfortunately display symptoms during your stay with us, you should inform a member of management as soon as possible by calling 01803522432. Our request is that you please check-out and return home to self-isolate in line with current Government guidelines.
  • If you have severe symptoms or your life is at risk seek medical help immediately.
  • Please note, if you are advised to self-isolate in your hotel guest room this will be at your own cost. Whilst a team member can bring you supplies of prescribed medication, food and drink in a safe way, all costs for this service, the loss of business to the hotel and impact on other guests due to loss of their holiday will also be borne by yourself. We strongly advise you to make sure you have sufficient travel insurance.
  • If you need to cut short your stay for any reason, for clarity, there will be no refund, please make sure you have sufficient travel insurance.
Last Updated: July 2021